#Sydney7s Predictions & Welly Recap

So last weekends Wellington 7s did not go well. The US went 1-1-1 in pool play tying France, beating Samoa, and losing to New Zealand before going into the Challenge trophy bracket where they staged a comeback against a dismal Japan squad and blew a halftime lead to Kenya. Whatever. Hopefully this weekend shapes up better. 

The Pool this weekend is considerably lighter than last with Canada, Argentina and Russia. I’m not as confident as I was last weekend though. Russia should be a convincing win, Canada is a scary team who made the semis last week before losing to South Africa (they’re pretty good at rugby). Argentina also came in 5th last week beating a French squad that the US tied. Matches are at 5:30pm (Argentina), 8:58pm (Canada) and because the rugby gods want me to inherently be exhausted on Saturday 2:23am (Russia). 

Wins are all attainable here. I’m hopeful for 2-1 but wouldn’t be surprised to see it flipped. The boys are gonna have to play like men to make the Medal rounds. Let’s bring some hardware home and go into Vegas with a full head of steam (Vegas is the next stop on tour). 

Update on the candy saga: apparently a bunch of people on twitter got offended that I said skittles were a hard candy  I’d like to take this time to apologize

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