Someone has a case of the Mondays.

Mondays. The start of a new work week and the start of people working for the weekend. With that being said, a whole bunch of stuff happened over this weekend and this is a quick recap blog highlighting my thoughts about everything I didn’t have the time to type.

  1. USA Rugby comes in third in London.
  2. Exaggerator wins the Preakness.
  3. Something happened on Game of Thrones.

To start with arguably the most important thing that happened this weekend, the USA Rugby Sevens team went into London, went 1-1-1 in pool play and qualified for the Cup playoffs. Starting with a 12-5 win over Samoa, the American’s looked like the team that we expected to show up in London, having won the tournament last year. After that the American’s decided to not show up for the next two matches and lost to South Africa and tied Canada 12-12. Waking up on Sunday, they trounced New Zealand 42-14 and ended up losing to the eventual London Sevens champions Scotland, 24-17. Watching that match against Scotland, one thing stuck out to me, we have the potential to be really good. Really good. If Zack Test doesn’t go down at halftime and allows for Palamo to be on the pitch with him at the same time Scotland doesn’t make the comeback that they did. 17 points in 4 minutes is absolute madness. A little more stout defense and the Americans are the ones raising the cup at the end of the day.

Finishing the day with a 26-19 win over Fiji was a nice end to the weekend. The team can now gear up for Rio and I personally expect nothing less than a medal after the 2 days of rugby.

Exaggerator winning the Preakness was pretty cool too. The horse racing community is a weird one so I don’t want to say too much about what happened. But Exaggerator won and now we won’t have to debate if a horse is the best athlete of the year like we did last year.


Spoiler alert: I don’t care if you say I spoiled the show that approximately all of twitter was talking about last night. Hodor dying on Game of Thrones was the second saddest moment on TV ever. Opie on Sons of Anarchy¬†getting the pipe to the back of his head was #1. The whole causality loop that the writers show with Bran and his inability to warg correctly was something else. But I’m not that smart to talk about all this Thrones stuff. I just want to see more White Walkers and Dragons.

The more important thing in the above paragraph is that people actually get offended that a show is “spoiled” for them because of something they read on twitter. I didn’t Periscope the ending to the episode, you don’t know how he died, you don’t know the circumstances around the scene. And isn’t #RIPHodor a little indicative of that happening? I’m really sure that my one tweet was the only one on the Internet that gave the ending away. BTW everyone, Snape kills Dumbledore, Rosebud was the sled, Darth Vader is Luke’s father, Harold and Kumar get to White Castle, and Rudy gets his one play.

Thanks for getting sent off.